Further to Fly (2012)

The long-awaited second album from Wave Mechanics Union! Here are graceful and sophisticated jazz retellings of rock, prog, and pop classics as spun by an orchestra of 30 musicians. Vocalist Lydia McAdams and a large collection of talented instrumentalists are joined on two tracks by special guest Jon Anderson (the voice of Yes). The striking arrangements, penned by Ryan Fraley and Ralph Johnson, show a deep love for both the source material and the conventions of modern jazz orchestration. A surprising and eclectic group of songs from Paul Simon, Ben Folds, Suzanne Vega, Yes, King Crimson, Thomas Dolby, Gentle Giant, Tom Waits, Jimi Hendrix, Fiona Apple, Dire Straits, Steely Dan, and Queen. The closing track, "The Show Must Go On" was chosen by an internet poll in 2009.

Second Season (2008)

The debut CD, Second Season, features progressive and classic rock masterworks reimagined as jazz. Supported by a full-scale jazz orchestra, vocalist Lydia McAdams performs repertoire from Yes, Rush, The Who, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, The Police, Led Zeppelin, and more. Arrangements by Ryan Fraley and Ralph Johnson. A stylish love letter to both the jazz idiom and the layered density of progressive rock.